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About Us

icthusIcthus was established in the year_1982. by Mr.Uday Bhanu Banerjee, an engineer by profession but a passionate hobbyist, and naturalist at heart. Icthus was set up at a time when the ornamental fish business in Kolkata and in India at large was totally unorganized. It mainly included people with very limited knowledge and know-how. Mr. Banerjee’s years of research and study was channelized into setting up the company to give enthusiasts the right input, advice and guidance in developing their hobby. Icthus is an environment friendly company and is aware of its duties towards mother Nature.

Since its inception, Icthus has changed the mindset as to how ornamental fish are kept and maintained both at home and offices. In those days computers were not easily accessible, neither did Google or Wikipedia exist to find out about the requirement for keeping Marine fish and invertebrates and a lot of research work was required to be done in the libraries. Being the leaders in Ornamental Marine fish keeping in India, Icthus had to do a lot of research and make its own brand of Marine Salt for fish and Invertebrate keeping, perhaps the first time in India. Icthus has been involved in several projects for setting up and maintenance of Ecologically balanced Aquaria, both fresh and marine, at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Science City, Tata center, Indian Museum and at the Airport to mention just a few projects in the city.

icthusMr. Banerjee has been featured in “India Today”, on National Television and all leading newspapers like The Telegraph. Economic Times and The Statesman for his unique concepts and knowledge in this field. He is known as a pioneer in Ornamental fish hobby in India. Icthus has been sending ornamental fish and accessories to different parts of the country and also beyond the Indian shores.

Why us?

Since Icthus is the outcome of the desire and passion of a hobbyist himself the knowledge and expertise along with years of experience that we have is unparalleled. Any dealing with Icthus is not just about commerce but is a learning process and this gain in awareness and knowledge is invaluable. This apart Icthus has a credibility in the market for its fair dealings and prompt service. We preach and practice echo friendly ways and means off collection and delivery of fishes. We try and maintain zero damage to the environment and are also associated with an NGO to give back to nature what we have taken from her.


icthusEndemic Indian fishes, shrimps, crabs, etc, Farm bred species like mollies, Gouramies, Barbs, Danios, Gold fish, Koi carps etc, Marine fishes and invertebrates from the coasts of India, are quarantined and acclimatized in the Aquarium are stocked under optimum condition.